Sanctuaries and Habitats

Featuring indigenous wildlife from various habitats

Celebrating Nature's Diversity" offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of indigenous wildlife across various habitats. From serene woodlands to vibrant wetlands, each image captures the unique beauty and resilience of creatures in their natural environments. This collection highlights the remarkable diversity of life that surrounds us, inviting viewers to appreciate and protect these vital ecosystems.


Winged Wonders of Sattal

"Winged Wonders of Sattal" showcases a stunning variety of birds from the serene Sattal region. The gallery features striking images of the Great Barbet, with its vibrant green plumage, and the Grey-headed Woodpecker, known for its distinctive grey head and lively presence. These photos capture the essence of Sattal's avian life, highlighting the unique beauty and behaviors of these fascinating birds in their natural habitat.

Great barbet


Avian Oasis of Keoladeo

"Avian Oasis of Keoladeo" brings to life the rich tapestry of bird species that call the Keoladeo National Park home. This collection captures the vibrant flurry and tranquil moments of various birds, from the elegant dance of cranes to the swift flight of waterfowl. Each photograph is a window into the diverse world of Keoladeo, showcasing the park's role as a crucial sanctuary for migratory and indigenous birds, and highlighting the delicate balance of this unique ecosystem.


Feathered Haven of Jaipur

"Feathered Haven of Jaipur" presents a captivating visual journey through the rich avian landscapes surrounding Jaipur. This collection highlights the diverse birdlife found in the area, from the vibrant flamingos at Chandlai Lake to the playful songbirds in local forests. Each image is a celebration of the region's feathered residents, showcasing their beauty and the vital role they play in the natural tapestry of Jaipur's outskirts.